Seed Academy’s approach to primary years education is rooted in the belief that academic exploration is best achieved through hands-on experiences. Our curriculum emphasizes active learning, where students are encouraged to engage with their subjects through practical application. We believe that by touching, seeing, and doing, children not only grasp complex concepts more effectively but also develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. While our students dive into the depths of subjects like Math, Science, English, and a second language to foster strong academic foundations, they also have the opportunity to embrace their artistic and physical sides.  Seed Academy takes a holistic approach to primary education through our Specialist Program, where all students have the chance to explore a rich array of arts, including drama, art, music, and even chess. We understand the importance of a well-rounded education, and that’s why our curriculum encompasses both academic and creative dimensions.

 At the heart of our educational philosophy is our “Passion Project Program.” In this unique initiative, students are given the opportunity to delve into areas that ignite their curiosity and interest, all while being guided by experts in the field. This program empowers our young learners to explore their passions, nurtures their creativity, and fosters a sense of purpose, ensuring that they are well-prepared for a bright and fulfilling future.

This balanced approach ensures that our students develop a comprehensive set of skills, helping them become well-rounded, capable individuals ready to tackle the challenges of a dynamic and diverse world.