Environment Learning

At Seed Academy, we have subject-specific teachers and learning environments. Our teachers personalize learning based on every child’s unique learning style and pace. As we can accommodate mulple learning levels in the classroom, we are able to reach both those who may be struggling and those who quickly grasp the concepts.

MINDFULNESS AND Socio-Emotional Learning

Emoons maer. We teach our children how to idenfy, label and deal with their feelings so they become kind, caring and empathec individuals. Socio-emoonal learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effecvely apply the knowledge, atudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emoons, set and achieve posive goals, feel …

Body Parts

Workshop to train teachers on various learning styles. We observe different learning styles, so whether your child is an auditory, kinesthec or visual learner, we reach out to them the way they learn best.