Core Values

Seed Academy operates on the principles of Knowledge, Creativity and Leadership.

The core values listed below form an integral part of our every action.

Experiencing Learning: All children are naturally born, curious, learners. At SEED Academy, we nurture their enthusiasm and energy by creating a school experience that mimics their natural learning process; one that is aligned with current educational research. Our belief is that when the school environment is stimulating, developmentally appropriate, and fun, children remain self-motivated, independent and inquisitive learners throughout life.

Creating Leaders: By focusing on the social-emotional development of children and inculcating in them the courage to act on their beliefs, we believe every child can be a leader.

Academic Excellence: SEED Academy fosters an atmosphere of curiosity, creation, and collaboration. We are committed to active, reflective, creative learning. We believe learning is an active social process that requires each child to construct knowledge of the world in a setting that promotes individual challenges and cooperative exploration.

Family Participation: Parents and families are valued and strongly encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the school from the classroom to special events. As families and educators, we are collectively responsible for the holistic development of our children.

The Community: SEED Academy is dedicated to reaching beyond our doors to actively share our mission, energy, and passion with the surrounding community.

Mutual Respect & Team Work: SEED is a learning community in which all activities take place in an environment of mutual respect, warmth, and genuine care for each individual.